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Protecting your health and the environment
There's a lot more to providing cooling system services that maximize efficiency, aesthetics, and effectiveness than you might first imagine. Advanced A/C Contracting provides peace of mind to our customers in Honolulu, HI, so you can trust you are always making the right decision with us. We specialize in central air conditioning systems made by the most reliable manufacturers so you can be assured of a great product installed properly and great follow up service.
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It's important to choose a provider of cooling system services that takes everything into account. For example, what kind of pollutants and how much pollution are you exposed to in Honolulu and throughout Oahu? Pollution is everywhere and it's unavoidable. In today's world we will breathe in at least some toxic chemicals each day. Advanced A/C Contracting can give you great advice on how to minimize air toxicity in your interior environment. Cleaner, better quality air is healthier for everyone. It enables you to think more clearly and can minimize respiratory issues. Make sure your system is fitted with a premium filter.


Oahu's many regions have varying degrees of moisture and heat.  We will take into account the environment and recommend different cooling solutions for each.  Waipahu's hot dry area may require a system that is constantly on and working , whereas Wahiawa may require a system that can remove excess moisture effectively.  A system at a beachfront condo may have to be insulated from the damaging salt air.  We provide cooling systems that always take this into account. You need an air conditioning system that is designed to withstand conditions unique to your area.
An air conditioning system that is not designed with the Oahu weather conditions in mind will struggle to reach and maintain desired temperatures. Our team will help you avoid inefficient energy use and expensive running costs!

Building design

Whether your building is older, or features the latest in modern architecture, you'll need an effective cooling system and careful installation. We understand that every building has unique requirements.
The experts at Advanced A/C Contracting carefully measure your environment in helping you choose an air conditioning system that will make the most of positioning, visual aesthetics, and functionality.  Our training gives us the background to make solid recommendations on providing you with a complete cooling system you will be happy with.
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